recently noted quotes

certainly most xml i've seen makes me think i'm dyslexic. it also looks constipated, and two health problems in one standard is just too much. -- charles forsyth [9fans mailing list]

in OSS, eyeballs are very easily distracted. think of typewriting monkeys, but with more bananas and shorter attention span. -- anon [overheard in yet another "given enough eyeballs" theory discussion]

"nice try" is worthless. -- gregory house

"Playing God" is where you do absolutely nothing, take credit for other entities' work, and don't even exist — scientists don't aspire to such a useless status. Besides, creating life is mundane chemistry, no supernatural powers required. -- pz myers

it was music that went down to the feet by way of the pelvis without paying a call on mr brain. -- terry pratchett [soul music]

if there is anything worse than a movie hammered together out of pieces of bad screenplays, it's a movie made from the scraps of good ones. at least with the trash we don't have to suffer through the noble intentions. -- roger ebert [review of instinct]

nimoy can make anything sound plausible. -- philip k. dick ["introduction" to the golden man]

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