markcc on behe's new old book

markCC has a detailed review focusing on the mathematics of behe's new old book: "the edge of evolution" [sorry no links to junk; i have skimmed the book long before this review, and decided it was an obnoxious re-thread of his earlier fiction, "darwin's black box"]:
... the new book is based on what comes down to a mathematical argument - a mathematical argument that I've specifically refuted on this blog numerous times. I'm not mentioning that because I expect Behe to read GM/BM and consider it as a serious source for his research; even if I were an expert in the subject (which I'm not), a blog is not a citable source for real research. But I mention it because the error is so simple, so fundamental, and so bleeding obvious that even a non-expert can explain what's wrong with it in a spare five minutes - but Behe, who apparently spent several years writing this book still can't see the problem. (In fact, one of the papers that he cites as support for this ridiculous theory contains the refutation!)

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