assorted notes and quotes from various sources

 "What goes too long unchanged destroys itself." -- Ursula K. Le Guin

They said, "You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are."
The man replied, "Things as they are
are changed upon the blue guitar."
— “The Blue Guitar” by Wallace Stevens

"dependency hell" is such a lame phrase for what should be minimally described as "unspeakable life destroying dependency chainsaw horror fiesta"

if P. T. Barnum was alive today and encountered cryptocurrencies, he would have chortled, created his own currency, and would probably have said that suckers are born even faster than he imagined.
"Don't assume the worst thing's going to happen, because on the off chance it does, you'll have lived through it twice." -- michael j fox

“there is no limit to the ways a falsehood, by worming its way in among the holistic system of our beliefs, can bring us into sharp collusion with the world.” — simon blackburn
“truth does not triumph. it’s opponents just die out.” -- max planck

“Fox News, at this point, is a fantasy factory, churning out historical mythologies in real time.” — megan garber [“tucker carlson’s manufactured america”]
“some people are saying” is usually code for “i made up some inane story to cover up my inability to comprehend real world information and learn from, reason with.”
right wing could not care less about indigenous peoples, churches, justice, law, family and all the other bumper sticker apple pie things. their facades have fallen off a long time ago. if you’re still seeing the facade, you’re probably not paying attention. 
“vaccine hesitant” is really a sad euphemism for “anti vaccination light”.
in the wind
a shower of blossoms - 
sudden sword [oz/21]
The shifting goalposts of #cdnmedia
1. "We need vaccines sooner." 
2. "We need more vaccines." 
3. "We don't like the brand of vaccines we have, we need more of Brand A " 
4. "Why aren't we giving more vaccines away." 
5. "We told you so." 
-- Neil Waytowich (neilbeforezod)
 when we think about learning from history per santayana, we often think about the large scale. learning from our own micro-history is just as important...