empty resources, everywhere.

if you were bored enough to google for (say) "python networking tools" you would end up with numerous impoverished ad-pusher "programmer" resource sites as top hits. for additional humor, you may want to follow into that top hit "bigwebmaster" and take a look at Python/Scripts_and_Programs section. [i'll spare you the link, and deny the additional hits to this hole] corner indicator: 0 resources and growing! [note the exclamation!] a whole page of pedestrian classifications, all empty: Contests (0), Countdowns (0), Counters (0), Customer Support (0), Database Tools (0), Development Tools (0), Discussion Boards (0), E-Commerce (0), Education (0) ... ad nauseam

increasingly, casual googling resembles smashing one's head to a nearby wall to improve one's vision...


shuffle, part deux

a worthwhile shuffle II review in macintouch. i agree with most of it; i do belong to that portion of the male population who cannot tell green and amber colors apart. having used the new shuffle for a couple of weeks, i agree that the clip is done just right. this one definitely belongs in moma: it shows how to be a minimalist without being inhuman or stupid.

[amusing contrast: ikea's coffee mug design ad, which shows how a little gap at the bottom of the cup stops the water from pooling during washing. a little drop gently rolling down. whow. wonderful bottom design. alas, this mug happens to have a handle that some people can barely put an index finger through, and obviously there is no room for any other fingers. so one finger to carry eight ounces of hot liquid... very, very bright: good bottom, but nearly useless handle for actual use.]


while everyone is switching to firefox 2.0, i have switched to omniweb. so far a great browsing experience, well worth $14 for a family pack license. now all my macs have ow instead of ff. [i know geoff will chide me for even bothering to think about the underlying browser, but i cannot help it. twelve years after mozilla, most browsers are still tedious portals with bad makeup, spotty skins and amateur plugin facelifts. sure would be good to have it free and open source, but i would rather have imagination...]



added some 700 books to the librarything. [alas pssst keeps giving me the same set of hits from other libraries. sigh. found a large overlap with, amongst others, erik naggum's library. his is not bad at around 2000 books.]

note to self: mini reviews of recent good books.