empty resources, everywhere.

if you were bored enough to google for (say) "python networking tools" you would end up with numerous impoverished ad-pusher "programmer" resource sites as top hits. for additional humor, you may want to follow into that top hit "bigwebmaster" and take a look at Python/Scripts_and_Programs section. [i'll spare you the link, and deny the additional hits to this hole] corner indicator: 0 resources and growing! [note the exclamation!] a whole page of pedestrian classifications, all empty: Contests (0), Countdowns (0), Counters (0), Customer Support (0), Database Tools (0), Development Tools (0), Discussion Boards (0), E-Commerce (0), Education (0) ... ad nauseam

increasingly, casual googling resembles smashing one's head to a nearby wall to improve one's vision...

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