nonsense, endless, endless...

panda's thumb shreds and discards The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

[political incorrectness is not nearly as big a mistake as deceit and stupidity]


not the right aperture for this image...

new macbook.
new aperture 1.1.
installs and runs just fine.

upgrade 1.1.1 and 1.1.2...
all of a sudden, my macbook at 1280x800 is not good enough for aperture. i am short of about 60 pixels.

reminds me of larry wall's quip:
where is some sand when your head needs it?

[or some concrete, as the case may be.]

installed lightroom. works fast, smooth. no complaints about anything. now i have the new book on aperture, but already greater expertise on lightroom.

thanks apple.
how do you lose dedicated customers?

like this.


ubuntu atheist edition?

i am very amused to see a christian edition of ubuntu. all this special catering makes me wonder when the atheist edition (one that automatically generates intelligent design challenges, and perhaps finds codes in bible that predicts darwin and his masterpiece theory of evolution) is coming out. could a muslim edition with the complete text of kuran and a complete blockade of infidel sites be far behind?

mind boggles and melts into puddles. - anon


recently noted quotes

the best designers in the world all squint when they look at something. they squint to see forest from the trees -- to find the right balance. squint at the world. you will see more by seeing less. -- john maeda [laws of simplicity]

in life, as in breakfast cereal, it is always best to read the instructions on the box -- lu tzu [thief of time]

We have a serious problem. Whenever I try to pitch Linux to anyone under 30, the question I get is: 'Will it work with my iPod?" -- esr

The GNU folks, in general, abhor man pages [strunk and white be damned] and create mostly space-filled and badly typeset "info" documents instead. This is a longstanding bug that can be fixed with some hard showeling and editing. -- anon

I have to admit, I was very skeptical that Apple could whip together professional-quality RAW conversion for numerous camera models in a few months. Their competitors have been honing their technology for years and reverse-engineering your way into the subtle differences in manufacturer's RAW formats is not a matter of ticking the "unsuck" radio button. -- dave girard [aperture 1.1 review]

When I approached the FreeBSD booth, my first question was, "So, what's FreeBSD doing here at LinuxWorld?" Without losing a beat, the FreeBSD guy responded, "Actually, in an alternate universe, I'm attending BSDWorld and there's one Linux booth. However, my transporter malfunctioned 'cause it was running Linux, and so here I am." Best nerd one-liner I've heard at the show. -- scott granneman [linuxworld, virtually speaking]


linux needs dtrace

we used to put nails through our heads, and it hurt, and we liked it!
[dana carvey as the grumpy old man remembering the good old days, saturday night live]

well? now that mac os x has dtrace, do we really have to wait for hpux and aix to adopt it before it is finally good enough for linux too? when does this become really embarrassing?

bryan's blog entry


thump, thump.

sam harris reviews francis collins's the language of god [sorry no links to junk, even if reviewed]


random 10 [meme]

ten random selections from my itunes library...

Something About You
Flash And The Pan [Collection]

Eno - Moebius - Roedelius - Plank [Begegnungen II]

I'm A Fool To Care
Art Neville [Creole Kings Of New Orleans]

Strunz & Farah [Americas]

Eight Ball
Gus Jenkins [Chess Blues 1952-1954]

Cumbia India
Andres Landero [Cumbia Cumbia 2]

Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
Dead Can Dance [Into The Labyrinth]

Fela Kuti [The Best of The Black President]

The Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project [Foretold in the Language of Dreams]

Boom Boom
John Lee Hooker [The Ultimate Collection 1948-1990]


next bit

days of sun passed: brainstorms

received my must have solaris internals second edition by mcdougall and mauro. hah, since i no longer work for sun, i expect i will actually have some use for this great book.