what's in a name: creative labels and images

in the cellulose acetate and silver halide days of the past, i started out with manual "nikonography". I guess it could have been "canonography" but bayonet mount ruined it. In my heart I really wanted to do some quiet "leicagraphy" for that very special feel and look, but could not afford it. i also admired those who lugged rosewood and cherry frame cameras for their "fieldography" and "viewography" - someone once said that "the best camera is the one you can lift, with both hands, while keeping a low center of gravity to avoid back injury" - too funny. anyway, all in the past. i like the modern days of photon capture and beating to submission without chemicals. we are finally free to explore our collectively wired individuality with "iphoneography" which often resembles images made-believe with a plastic lens found in a light-leaky toy camera (maybe not all in the past) at many megapixels of quality color noise. i hear that some creative types have a blanket term for all this fascinating image wrangling - "photography" (as in light writing) but i doubt that will catch on.