searching for a lost aha moment...

I once had a powerful AHA moment about clarity, accuracy and availability of technical communication in development/it environments. I often thought about this issue because I passionately hate the multiplicity and sloppiness of technical communication that ends up in emails, issue tickets and sometimes in a corporate-wide wiki, in multiple forms, cut-and-pasted-edited from each other. if you're really lucky, wiki is often the slightly more authoritative location, but usually subject to unexpected edits: "we had a meeting on that, and but looks like we neglected to update the wiki from the meeting minutes." [you know you are really lucky, because there were meeting minutes.]

unfortunately I have no idea where i made a note of this insight. i know some pieces were locked into place with a big clunk, and I'm sure I made a note of the details. as I go through collected papers, folders and notebooks, I still look for it. clearly I should have thought about availability of my communication to my future self.

pro tip: all epiphanies should go into dedicated notebooks, and kept in someplace safe.