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what would a non-fundamentalist atheist be? would he be someone who believed only somewhat that there are no supernatural entities in the universe - perhaps that there is only part of a god (a divine foot, say, or buttock)? or that gods exist only some of the time - say, wednesdays and saturdays? -- a. c. grayling [from can an atheist be fundamentalist in against all gods.]

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Fraxas said...

Strawman argument.

Not that I think the word 'fundamentalist' applies to atheism - there is no source text for so-called fundamentalist atheists to believe to be inerrant - but the ridicule in the above quote is unhelpful at best to the atheist 'cause'. What human would see that quote and think, "what a convincing argument! I suppose I will change my ways"?

Polemics don't need to sneer. They don't need to be sarcastic and hostile. I really wish fewer of them were.