recently noted quotes

along the way she mistook a cramped sense of of personal grievance for a coherent philosophy: a common error. -- mark kingwell on ayn rand [nearest thing to heaven]

a reasonable theist is a theist in violation of reason. -- david eller [natural atheism]

sitting in her own backyard in her bathrobe was one of those things that seemed worth the risk. not that she would have tried it unarmed - she wasn't that stupid. --p. j. tracy [monkeewrench]
[ps: this backyard is located in merriam park, st. paul]

I don't want to know what you think. I want you to think what I know. -- tom duff

idealists who begin sentences with, "can't we all just..." should have their guitars smashed and their flowers trampled. i don't want to buy the world a coke and live in perfect harmony; harmony means unanimity, and history shows unanimity is a scary thing. -- jay heinrichs [thank you for arguing]

Excuse my while I mop up the sake that I sputtered all over my keyboard… -- geoff arnold

I never recommend as policy a position that I have been paid, either directly or indirectly, to recommend. -- lawrence lessig [disclosure statement]

  • Most exciting ideas are not important,
  • Most important ideas are not exciting,
  • Not every problem has a good solution, and
  • Every solution has side effects.
  • -- dan geer [1994 usenix conference]

all idioms must be learned; good idioms need to be learned only once. -- alan cooper [about face: the essentials of interaction design]

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