quick notes on mediocrities

shrek the third: alas, third time is the chasm; this movie is not just tired and unimaginative, it is actually boring; it is now the kind of movie the first shrek was gleefully making fun of. when you see your eight year old not laughing, and paying more attention to the popcorn bucket than the movie, you know you have a serious narrative flop. [with the money not wasted on this wreck, buy the animaniacs or pinky & brain dvd sets instead. your family will thank you for it.]

gray's anatomy: at one time, this used to be a guilty pleasure. now it is a classic soap that just happens to have a few good actors. they should leave the hospital, and the show should appropriately move to afternoon tea time, next to young and restless.

stephen harper [canadian prime minister, sadly]: this wooden pen pusher continues to receive accolades [especially around the pages of screamingly right wing national post] for assorted smart political feet shuffling. sort of the way we give high praise to a surgeon for the choice of music and a necktie during a heart [or a brain, in the case of canada] transplant surgery, even though he is drunk and can barely hold the blade. sigh.

macbook reg or pro: i would like to see one of those hodgman/long spots to make fun of the ridiculous power consumption and heat generation of the lovable macbooks. long could be in shorts with a sunburn, or actually spontaneously combust into flames... [oh how i miss my cooler powerbook]

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