late resolutions for 2008

  • touched: i will never buy any new electronic gadget without a reasonable touch interface. thanks to apple, the year of the teeny buttons, plastic styli, undergrad-grade interfaces and poor navigation are gone. [sad observation: palm is still producing things for year 2000. see centro.]
  • right of ownership: i will rip every single cd in my cd library in three different ways: lame mp3, aac, and ogg, and i will encourage and provide assistance to anyone with a cd collection to do the same to their own library.
  • food fight: every package of food that i find in my storeroom that has any form of tropical oil [such as palm oil] regardless of how many "healthy grains" claims it may have, will go in the garbage. companies that produce this crap [such as orville redenbacher] and pretend you are getting something healthy will be boycotted.
  • environmental protection: i will do everything within my power as a canadian citizen to keep majority [preferably even a minority] government from the reach of harper and his drooling toadies.
  • squeezed: i will write ten thousand lines of python. a portion of that will be rewriting others' java, perl and ruby code.
  • overbooked: i will finally clean up my library, and get rid of anything i have not looked at in the last five years. [this is going to be very difficult. what am i to do with my copy of weissmann's lisp 1.5?]
  • wikiful: i will contribute to at least ten wikipedia entries. [i had also once promised that i would contribute 100 images to wikimedia; i am still working on that one...]
  • fox hunt: i will remove every copy of firefox, iceweasel and any other related animal from all my systems. i am sick and tired of of this bloated, resource gobbling piece of cyberblob eating up my systems.
  • martial way: i will finally learn aikido. [i am minutes away from aikido yoshinkai canada where kimeda sensei teaches.]
  • imagenation: i will make 2000 good [keeper] images, and display ten of them at a nearby starbucks. [see photographic goals]

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Fraxas said...

On Orville Redenbacher -

I have found that I can make stovetop popcorn with straight kernels in almost as little time as it would take me to wrestle open and nuke a bag of microwave toxicopopcorn. 1tbsp vegetable oil to 1/3c kernels; heat oil uncovered with 3 kernels in it on medium high until all 3 pop, pour in corn, toss to coat, and cover. shake frequently.

I serve it with melted butter and Ancho chile powder, and count on 1/3c popcorn per person per movie.