autosave failed ... autosave failed ...

google's blogger, a year or two later: utterly boring layouts and templates. unbearably mediocre editing front-end. endless "autosave" failures. same sorry software, different day.

[addendum: yes i know i can take my blog elsewhere, but quietely walking away is not good enough. i want google to be informed. i want it to know that blogger is mediocre, and should be improved. google did not get to where it is by being the second or third best.]

[april update: at least one blog entry become entirely un-savable in draft form. several other drafts have had intermittent autosave failures. this is gone from bad to disgusting.]

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Anonymous said...

I agree! I've been in here for hours trying to get a post to save. Don't bother checking in the help section because obviously they don't have a clue.
I tried Googling it and ended up here. At least i'm not the only one! LOL! Thank you.