recently noted quotes

You must not use ReiserFS v3 for your recordings. You will get corrupted recordings if you do. -- MythTV howto

my nephew kept saying he didn't want anything to do with fista. what is fista? is it a street gang thing? -- anonymous elderly

I've been using UNIX & Plan 9 for 26 years, and not once have I wanted to chop the tail off a file. -- tom duff (2000)

Many (open source) hackers are proud if they achieve large amounts of code, because they believe the more lines of code they've written, the more progress they have made. The more progress they have made, the more skilled they are. This is simply a delusion. -- suckless.org (about)

meat is food.
vegetables are what food eats.
fruits are vegetables that try to trick you by tasting good.
fish are fast moving vegetables.
mushrooms are what grows on vegetables after food is done with them.
-- source unknown [told by henry]

I asked why no recognized experts on radiometric dating were invited to participate in the conference, given that none of the speakers had any training or experience in experimental geochronology. He was candid enough to admit that they would have liked to included one on the team, but there are no young-earth geochronologists in the world. -- todd feeley [reporting from RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth) creationist conference.]

the unfortunate and inevitable concomitant of "bring it on" is "how do you like it now?" -- david mamet [bambi vs godzilla]

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