recently noted quotes

an individual relates himself in action to his society through the use of tools that he actively masters, or by which he is passively acted upon. to the degree that he masters his tools, he can invest the world with his meaning; to the degree that he is mastered by his tools, the shape of the tool determines his own self-image. -- ivan d. illich (tools for conviviality)

you are coming to a sad realization. cancel or allowed? -- vista security guy

there is a little immaturity stuck away in the crannies of even the most judicious of us, and we should treasure it. -- roger ebert [review of the mummy]

there is music in everything, if you know how to find it. -- imp [terry pratchett, soul music]

It's always "but why do you want that" and "you don't want that" or "we can already do that" or "we tried that, it didn't work" and back to "but why do you want that". -- ron minnich (plan9 mailing list)

We all want our lenses to be tack sharp, period end period. -- bjørn rørslett

Unspeakable and unpronounceable Norwegian words, often with the odd Finnish phrase inserted, then rip apart the darkness around me. -- bjørn rørslett

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