recently noted quotes

So, when the intelligent design folks announce with great fanfare that the bacterial flagellum is too complex to be explained by natural selection...well, it's hard for evolutionary biologists to suppress yawns. -- joan roughgarden

the truth is, most people like clicking - they just hate waiting. -- marty neumeier [the brand gap]

growing up means creating a civilization that does the best for the most. -- david brin [ad astra, 2004]

to install adium, drag the duck to your applications folder. -- adium installer

there are a few experiences that those of us who are filthy rich with it just don't repeat, and bathing a cat while drinking peppermint schnapps comes to mind for reasons i'd rather not discuss right now. -- daniel gilbert [stumbling on happiness]

although often a useful writing technique, passive verbs also advance effects without cause, an immaculate conception. to speak of ends without means, agency without agents, actions without actors is contrary to clear thinking. -- edward tufte [beautiful evidence]

if a person is poorly, receives treatment to make him better, and then gets better, then no power of reasoning known to medical science can convince him that it may not have been the treatment that restored his health. -- peter medawar

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