aperture 1.1 vs lightroom b4

finally i have the hardware to run aperture and lightroom side-by-side. my current preliminary view is that aperture really is a better thought-out working photographer's tool, with lightroom running hard to overcome a panic "beta" release [help me develop this now; you can pay me later!] with a surprisingly clunky and unimaginative interface/flow. [must be nice to have so many photo(shop)graphers on the side who are now writing and bubbling about lightroom. several books with boring images already in preparation...]

i would like to do a real review later, though not until i put several thousand images through both of these and bibble. [alas my usage of lightroom will only continue until the end of beta...]

[after i wrote this note, i discovered that apple upped the ante with the release of aperture 1.5... and i just thought of a way adobe can still win the day: just open-source lightroom...]

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