recently noted quotes

once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back. -- carl sagan ["the demon-haunted world"]

there is no way an ideology can escape the human conflict between egoism and altruism. -- martin gardner

dear luck: my mind very well prepared. what's keeping you? -- anon

science is useful. at some point, someone discovered that the Earth is round. -- jean-marc fournier [quebec justice minister]

verbal distinctions should be valued, since they stand for mental -- intellectual -- distinctions. -- jorge luis borges

nasa finds it difficult to manage things well. -- henry spencer

pretty much everything on the web uses those two things: C and UNIX -- rob pike

say unto others what you would have them say unto you, only way louder. -- naomi klein

Honor Steve Jobs: resolve to do something insanely great. -- peter norvig 

plato is not your go-to guy for kindness though, I have to tell you. -- i_am_ozma

but seriously, they’re trying to use a water pistol to stop a charging rhino. -- paul krugman [on fed]

except for the TV show "the big bang theory", popular culture gets science wrong. we all know that. -- rob pike

never attribute to design what you can easily explain as witless hacking.

in politics, ignorance is the gift that keeps giving. bliss is what happens after many doses.

jpeg. just say "no". which as everyone knows is the lossy compressed version of "NNOOOOoooooo...."

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