looking for a notebook app

i have been looking for a good mac notebook applicaton for a long time. i have a set of requirements that may seem quite idiosyncratic; here are a few of them:
  • basic wiki/blog/etc. functionality [esp. markdown et al support] for simple structured writing [mac user, blogger]
  • emacs-grade editing capability for heavy lifting [oldtimer, unix hack]
  • good image support [photographer]
  • sketching, scribbling [designer, illustrator]
  • good indexing [eg. see circus ponies notebook], regex search [author]
  • good layout support [author]
  • organizational tools for content
clearly i do not need just a notebook; i need a strange hybrid. so far, i like circus ponies notebook as a comfortable compromise, though its lack of direct blogging support is forcing me to look for other tools. [my blog is just one of my notebooks, structured slightly better for public display.] i initially wrote this entry as a test from macjournal. [the result did not display correctly, alas; it was fixed using appzapper...]

[if any readers of this blog have some suggestions, other than write the app yourself, i would appreciate them]

[update: i have circus ponies notebook, and voodoopad pro now. they are both reasonable tools, with some nice ideas. on the other hand, neither tool impresses me all that much.]

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