getting it down and done...

i have now been back in the IT space for nearly two months. with an enormous number of projects and issues on the go, i find that i really, really need a good tool that is a cross between an outliner, database, notebook/blog and a task list manager. several useful to good ones are mac-only, look really pretty and come with a sheepish "export" function [eg. devonthink, mori, omnioutliner, notetaker, lifebalance, et al]. alas, not good enough: i spend a large part of my time on linux and bsd desktops, and part of the time all i have on me is a palm.

wishful thinking: run everywhere, sync across, suck less.

[sure i know about the hipster pda. i do use moleskine notebooks on matters that have no immediate impact on my professional productivity...]

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