adobe and its hostages

i will get straight to the point. like ibm and oracle before it, adobe would like to have hostages, not customers. it has done everything it possibly can to lock the world to its costly [in multiple meanings of the term] products. now comes the next logical step: take the products to the "cloud" and charge continuously.

you weren't surprised, were you?

create suction.

what is about to happen to photoshop et al. should encourage us to review our image processing dependencies. what is in the image processing pipeline, and what if one of the components become unaffordable, perhaps in price, performance or compatibility? for most photographers [and comic book artists] photoshop comes close to a lock-in. on the other hand, it is big, heavy and sluggish; workflow tools have all but destroyed that lock. there is no reason to let an acr upgrade for a new camera to determine the costly upgrade path to another version of photoshop, or possibly a new license fee in the cloud [just where do you think adobe will stop?] but what about that workflow? are you able to deal with your images, and produce professional results without lightroom?

I can. started my photo workflow with aperture, not lightroom. I now use four different workflow tools. capture one pro happens to be the tether and raw favorite, even if lightroom catalogues have most of my images. I have also been spending some time with darktable. I suggest you do the same: explore other workflow tools.

As john paul caponigro says, stay loose, stay flexible. I will add: avoid getting locked in, sucked up.

here is my new logo for the next best image processing tool. [it was crafted using gimp, of course]