recently noted quotes

mmmmm, i love the smell of commerce in the evening! -- francis [player vs player]

a mature society is one that reserves its moral outrage for what really matters: poverty and preventable disease in the third world, arms sales, opression, injustice. -- a. c. grayling [the form of things]

think collectively, not selfishly. -- karim rashid [design your self]

zen, which i must treat with skeptical care, is a relatively conscious kind of skating on thin ice. -- david vestal [from an essay on intuition]

necessity is the mother of self-delusion. -- thomas lang [hugh laurie, the gun seller]

everybody's got a gris-gris. -- penn & teller [bullshit!]

since we played chess, you got a better child. it is a miracle! -- eren yigit [jan 2007]

we possess no positive term to describe the man who does not worship phantoms of the imagination. -- michael onfray [atheist manifesto]

if hellfire is the stick, mystery is the carrot. -- dan dennett [breaking the spell]

friends don't let friends use raid-0 -- richard elling

practice simplicity with constant repetition and you'll do all right in your life -- john wooden [quoted by hoops coach dale brown]

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Anonymous said...

necessity is the mother of self-delusion!
i had to point out, you know what i am talking about :) **