recently noted quotes

splunk: all batbelt. no tights. -- splunk page

i can deal with all your girl stuff taking over my bathroom sink. i can deal with not farting for another week, but i will not tolerate microsoft in this house. -- brent [player vs player, 14/01/04]

skull: what is the difference between a normal sorcerer and a supreme sorcerer?
brent: well, a supreme sorcerer comes fries and a shake. [player vs player, 22/08/04]

we live our lives in America, now, in fits that involve many snarks, possible boojums. -- adam gopnik [from the introduction to the annotated hunting of the snark, the definitive edition]

The reviews I've gotten in the science fiction universe were some of the longest and most thoughtful critiques, closer to something you might find in The New York Review of Books. I would like to show those reviews to mainstream critics and academic literary scholars and say, 'Look at the kind of discourse that's going on around this book in a community that you think cares only about Buffy.' -- james morrow [on the reviews of the last witchfinder]

shaw, like many witty men, considered wit an adequate substitute for wisdom. he could defend any idea, however silly, so cleverly as to make those who did not accept it look like fools. -- bertrand russell

popper is not a philosopher, he is a pedant. -- paul feyerabend [three dialogues on knowledge]

to establish and to sustain an advanced culture, we need to avoid being debilitated either by error or by ignorance. -- harry g frankfurt [on truth]

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